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Wellness with the power of nature

In Herbarium Spa we make the most of the healing powers of local herbs for your well-being. The 3 columns: grounding, harmony and invigoration are the basis of our Herbarium Spa treatments. Individual and tailored to suit your own personal requirements, the healing herbs are carefully chosen and support the desired effect of your treatment.

We would ask that you reserve your treatments and massages in good time, before you get here, by sending an e-mail. Send us details of your preferred treatment - you will receive your exact treatment time when you arrive.


Massages in Herbarium Spa rates

Full body massage Herbarium

Health and vitality with the power of local herbal oils! To release tension and loosen muscles, that is the aim of this - likely oldest form of manual massage treatments - providing a sense of well-being for body, mind and soul.

40 mins | € 73.00

Foot reflex zone massage

The feet reflect the organs in our body. An activating massage for our overworked legs that carry us through the world!

40 mins | € 73.00

Marmot oil massage

A beneficial and relaxing massage for intensively loaded joints. This 'healing oil from the Alps' is anti-inflammatory, promotes the circulation, alleviates tension and soothes pain.

40 mins | € 73.00

Healthy back massage

This special treatment for the back and spinal column comprises different massage grips that are individually tailored to suit your needs.

40 mins | € 73.00

Hot stone - massage with hot stones

Deep relaxation thanks to the power of hot stones. This treatment is an inspiring blend of massage, energy-based work and a beneficial effect on your muscles, which helps promote cell regeneration.

40 mins | € 85.00

Body treatments in Herbarium Spa

Harmony | Forest blossom honey pack

The combination of forest and flower honey has a positive effect on the circulatory system, is calming, strengthens the nerves and alleviates tension.

40 mins | € 73.00

Grounding | Arnica goat butter pack

Goat's butter promotes cell renewal and builds cells. It nourishes dry skin and helps with skin irritation, such as neurodermatitis. Arnica strengthens stressed skin and regenerates the tissues, is anti-inflammatory, stimulating and disinfecting.

40 mins | € 73.00

Invigoration | Healthy herb pack

The bioactive powers of marmot oil, gentian root, peppermint oil and spelt are revitalising, alleviate tension and spasms and enhance the suppleness of the entire locomotor system.

40 mins | € 73.00

Herbarium Spa

3 columns philosophy
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